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Our approach

Scientific audits

Science doesn’t stay still – today’s myths are yesterday’s facts. We continually invest in developing our knowledge of behavioural science and have access to the most up-to-date scientific findings.

Behavioural tools

We have a suite of quantitative tools and techniques that can be geared up or down to fit projects of all shapes and sizes, grounded in solid behavioural science.

Behavioural toolkit

We combine our scientific knowledge of psychology with outputs from commercial research projects into actionable recommendations and step-by-step implementation guides for effective behaviour change.

Cognitive profiling

Adding a deeper layer of psychological profiling ensures we understand more deeply how consumers make decisions.

Contextual immersion

We see the process of immersing ourselves in customers’ decision making context as crucial to understanding them deeply and grounding the quantitative stages in their reality and language.

Nonconscious interviews

What they say is the easy part – it’s what they’re not saying that you really need to know. We use techniques from empirical psychology to discover the heuristics customers use to make their decisions easier, and the paths of least resistance that your products need to place themselves on.

Meet the Irrational Agency

We help you make better decisions so you can make your customers happier.

An understanding of psychology, cognition, decision-making and real consumer behaviour has become essential to successful marketing. Scientific research into psychology and economics answers many of the questions asked by businesses, but often is not available in a form that’s useful to them. We founded IA in 2012 to offer an understanding of that science to clients who want to make their customer experiences rich, fulfilling and beneficial to both parties as well as develop innovative market research technologies based on behavioural science theories. We're always looking for new, innovative approaches and thinking of ways to incorporate the latest technology. We base all our research in science - rigour and integrity are important to us so no hand-waving or smoke and mirrors.

Our Rational Thinkers

Meet the Irrational Agency Team
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Leigh Caldwell

Partner & co-founder
Leigh is a behavioural economist and pricing expert with 10+ years of experience in applying BE commercially. He is the author of The Psychology of Price and a regular guest lecturer at several universities as well as a frequent speaker at academic and industry conferences.
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Elina Halonen

Partner & co-founder
Elina is a consumer psychologist with a decade of market research experience and specialism in cultural influences on decision making. A regular speaker at industry and academic conferences, editor of leading psychology blog InDecision and the Winner of the IJMR Young Research Writer 2012.
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Will Folan-Conray

Research Director
In his 15 years of experience in the industry, Will has accumulated insight across a wide range of industries and sectors. He is an advocate incorporating new methodologies to gain a deeper understanding of consumers’ behaviors to provide clients with commercially actionable insights.
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Simon West

Head of Survey Technology
Simon heads up the survey programming and data processing team with over a decade of experience from Kantar Worldpanel and Kantar Media.
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Katja Lips

Research Manager
Katja is a project manager with over 6 years experience in market research spanning a range of agencies. With degrees in nutrition, business administration and positive psychology, she works on projects from FMCG new product development to employee engagement.
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Abi Moorcock

Associate Director
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Rachel Ellis

Research Executive
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Pankti Shah

Behavioural Economist

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